I'm not really an artist. I find it hard to make art. So I Fake ART, and I FART. I guess I'm a Fartist.

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life would be a video game where you have

to create not just life itself but the best life

oh i tell you this could be a tough mission

and you certainly are not to blame but please be cautious

i think it's an iso file no much than a 700mb

it could be on a (pirate) website on the internet

why indy? because atlantis would be the internet itself

atlantis would translate to "@ LAN it is"

atlantis would translate to "@ LAB it is"

while connecting you get there

the obvious option would be to look it up copy it and burn it to a cd

the cd you make would be the fucking world disk indie

it's most likely because we did this before

why shall i trust it's the first time we ever do this?

if it's a video game which is most likely the case

then we may have done this before

even if we forgot about it

then we have indeed solved all problems

even the complex damn problem

of making sure to get the iso copy

then we all would be able

to sit back and enjoy life by then

oh btw

life could be a pokemon or a persona or whatever game

that is most certain

why because you can get a pokeball

why because the fog event could occur

why because obviously the first law

is you can do or be whatever

although this could be a dangerous and deadly rule

but i think it's in some way true

however i would still lean towards being cautious

i even made a video that could prove this

but sorry i am not sharing it

you could still find it if you're hacky enough

i give you a hint it's on youtube

but if i recall properly it's a private video

i think the youtube pals would be able to find it

believing that there is a god

makes much more sense now

it's one way one would step into their power

the question is now which god do you wanna be

because anyone could be god

because god can be anyone

if god knows all then god can possess you

and then somehow you become god

let's offer my thanks to god now

after so much denial and battling

the damn id problem

oh thanks god for that first day in the tub

that was when i unconsciously learned about the joystick

although not i'm not a joystick master

there might be a time when i will

the handiest craft ever in my case

would be to master my hands

oh please don't think evil thoughts

or someone would lose their hands

about my first orgasm within this lifetime

i believe that was my most intense orgasm ever

if i were ever to recall that innocent moment

i would literally be in heaven

but not following the same damn script i would say

it has to be a better script

now that i know a little more about life

or so i think

if only i could be that baby chick again

if i never have made that choice

i believe i would have had a different mindset

i wouldn't have gotten to these theories

about life without that little crazy help

in case you wanna know about me

i think i am a crazy person

but not the craziest yet

i would say madness's a little habit

there are still somethings

that i myself may hesitate to do

i'm either crazy enough or not crazy enough

because this enough is never fixed

but anyway it's a crazy person

who is telling you this

you my friends have all rights

to either consider or dismiss it

but is it really true?

hell if i know it

this would be my conclusion

after years of studying myself

if after all of this no iso file exists

i believe konami bemyfriend would make it

why shall i believe otherwise



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