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Please sir make more >:^>

I am resisting suicide thoughts most of the time the joke is that suicide could be the answer to everything it's just my inability to kill myself that gets in the way so I guess I am doomed both ways :/

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I sort of liked the game and the theme (is it matrix-inspired?)
I guess I stumbled upon a bug. Once you lose and you try to start over, you get the "you lose" screen and if click again you get back to the menu and the cycle repeats, is that an inside joke or what?!! :P

GigixMayesty responds:

I guess that's a bug xD

My best so far is 2268 but I got bored as you can see down here :(
You really need to improve this game but it's not that bad for a 1st release :)
Throw in some music and sound effects, also add some tips to guide the players through your game.
Good luck with your next ones :)

I finished the game in like 8 minutes but it's kinda boring: no sound, no music no animation... The 3 stars are only for the art and fonts which were good!
Sorry but this game doesn't make any sense and has no fun at all!
I don't see the point of putting stairs in the background while you can't access to the top floor. Weird decoration! Is there a monster on top perhaps. I bet I can beat him then jump from one window and escape the House, all in less than 3 minutes!
Briefly It could use more interactivity and scenery, some QTE probably and voila!
Good luck on your next games, I don't mean to be offensive :)

You have to fill a big heart to find the last key!
BUG: You can get to the screwdriver from inside any room!

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Some of the words you use were tricky for me but I believe I get your message.
So in the end of my thinking process, I found that I'm not the only person fighting the unkown, good thing to know and to hopefully keep in mind.
Good job and good luck in your life journey bro!

Cyberdevil responds:

Aren't we all, in one way or another! ;) Thanks for comment; you too!

thanks :P

RealFaction responds:

Hahahah xD lol you saw that coming. I just don't know how to respond to these reviews otherwise besides "thanks"....you sneaky one lol.

This reminds me of Bible Black theme, at the beginning of the first ep XD
Nice stuff you have here BRO, I like the variations of the drums and the sweet melody :)

Greyhunter1 responds:

Rad, cheers for the sweet review! Definitely need to check out Bible Black- when legend of korra finishes I'll be needing a new show to watch :D

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This is a master piece I like the font you've used everything is well made well done sir :)

Exedor responds:

Ha! Thanks! Actually, the font is just my normal writing, but done neatly. x)

Well done :D

Wonderful drawing :D

Maylu responds:


Sometimes, I'm just funny... Sometimes, I'm not funny... But most of da time, I beat Bugs Bunny! XD

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