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Oh-Sama's News

Posted by Oh-Sama - March 24th, 2018

Check out the long awaited 120 frames collab organized by VigorousJammer.
I would say I regret I didn't work more on my unfinished part. I couldn't help it. I felt lost and hopeless these last years.
When will I be back? May be I should ask my missing teeth :/

Posted by Oh-Sama - March 5th, 2018

I challenge it to a duel :3

Posted by Oh-Sama - December 28th, 2014

I no longer spend most of my time here on the website like usual even when my online status indicates so :(
I do not animate too often as well but I create some drafts whenever I find an opportunity.

Hopefully this year would be my last in College, if it's a success. Otherwise I have to take the 2nd summer exams which align themselves ironically with the calendar (make your guesses I can't tell you why) :(
I'm done with both the student and shitizen life too. I can't take this shit any longer, it's killing my creative skills day after another. Sadly I have to wait!

I have an annual project this year too. I have to create an application that schedules working sessions for teachers. It's not really a big project if we think of it. I got its basic idea in mind but still none yet on how to start working because I've dedicated 2014 to Flash animation and the best part for procrastination. My old programming knowledge is washed out :/

During my YouTube dedicated procrastination (cauz I've got many procrastination genres), I stumbled upon some good tutorials. I'm following some of them for the moment.

2014 wasn't a total fail as well, here's why:

  • We made some good collabs here on NG
  • I met (virtually and anonymously) great talents and learned about different cultures and mentalities.
  • I didn't fail the year at college even though I played my 2nd chance
  • I got to watch some old animes and movies that I missed
  • I improved my art & animation to a good level
  • I got a basic idea of musical production and practiced for a good while
  • I'm still among the living :D

My life is still a big mess. I really do not know what to do for the moment, better get stuff quickly organized!

Oh btw, stay tuned for this year's Sketch Collab, it should come out soon :D

I would like to thank everyone for their moral support during last year. It really helped me in some ways and I enjoyed talking and listening to all of you guys :)

I also wish you a creative happy new year and I'm sorry if this was a boring read. I can't help it ;^D

Posted by Oh-Sama - May 21st, 2014

  2. APPLE
  7. DOG
  9. FEAR
  10. FLU
  12. HATE
  13. MONTH
  14. MOMENT
  17. MISERY
  18. MONEY
  19. NO-LUCK
  20. NOISE
  21. PAIN
  22. PRISON
  23. RACISM
  26. SHIT
  27. SMELL
  28. SOUND
  30. SYSTEM
  31. TIME
  32. TRUTH
  33. UNI
    and other stupid dogmas that control my life

I should feel better now

Posted by Oh-Sama - May 11th, 2014

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Check out YomToxic's Fate Machine

So after all, god wanted me to be a pervert leader. So be it XD

He told me this:

"You are:"

"Rei MotherFucking Oak the Gigantic fucker.
Your destiny is to make sweet love with the government."

"Arikado Sharplegs the Dragon Raper.
Your destiny is to give birth to Sauron's Panties."

"Rocket Monkey-for-a-head the incredibly Cheesy Cobbler.
Your destiny is to use MS-paint to edit North Korea."

"Cracker Oak, the Wise Alien
Your destiny is to role play a dead horse."

and so many funny stuff!




Posted by Oh-Sama - April 27th, 2014


I don't get it :(
The story goes great at the very beginning but with each new chapter I lost track of characters and events.

What was the true identity of the monster?
Was it m*r*d*r/v*ng*nc*/l*n*l*n*ss?.. I just don't get it!

Perhaps I should watch the anime again to understand the whole thing but with 74 episodes and finals coming in few weeks, I guess I have no chance...
I have a doubt that the anime has a different story from the manga. After all, it was made by a "MAD" house, so who knows what crazy things could have happened during animating "Monster"
Or may be it's my brain that was overclocked wrongly...
Perhaps I'll get a clear image of the story if I read the manga...
Overall it was a great story with crazy twists and touching moments even if I didn't understand its true meaning.
I'm so confused and sad about it :(

Posted by Oh-Sama - April 14th, 2014

I was walking my way to the bus stop today when suddenly some of these lyrics started playing in my mind :3

Here we go folks. I'll update the file when I get new ideas XD

I'm not sure if I will sing this myself or not. I'm no singer and my voice/mic sucks but I might give it a try later :)

Please tell me what you think guys...


Lyrics are nearly finished. Only two quatrains and we're done! That was very easy to do even for me :D

Posted by Oh-Sama - April 13th, 2014

Check out Cliff the Gap Leaper Collab which I was part of :)

You will find amazing stuff and maybe some surprising twists XD

Be sure to watch, vote and review the full show ;)

Have fun :D

Cliff the Gap Leaper Collab

Posted by Oh-Sama - April 12th, 2014

Now, I'm level 25 on NG :)

  • How much do you think it would take me before being level 60?
  • Shall I keep depositing exp by voting on 5 submissions everyday or what?

I love the giant sword icon in my profile and I think I don't want to trade that one...


Let me know, what you think guys :)

Posted by Oh-Sama - March 30th, 2014