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In case anyone cares to wear this: A short trip to a hell:

Posted by Oh-Sama - January 20th, 2021

Oh! keeps a distance from others. But usually when he's around people he wouldn't cause much trouble.

He's not very healthy or fit. He is not very talkative to others unless someone starts an interesting conversation, which of course doesn't occur very often. Normally he is also unable to start fluent conversations except when using phrases that doesn't require new vocabulary.

So when others talk to him he usually pretends to be listening, actually his mine is wondering somewhere else.

Normally he is unable to go around this weird handicap although he tries to focus sometimes. He figured out that trying to listen to others requires so much attention and effort that he himself feels unable to deliver unless it's a lucky day.

He believes that his handicap is mostly due to his terrible past and because of his religious background and bullying in school but although he made a clear effort to reject the claims of mainstream religion, he is still not fully convinced in his ideas. Like a jigsaw piece is still missing in all that he did. Could it be his other self that's missing? Or a soulmate or what? He's not into any of this really, obviously when he made that selfish statement of never getting married to a girl, this doesn't mean he is onto guys, although he may act girly at times but he does not really look down on the other sexes. What if God was a hot Girl? Actually God and Girl, they both share a first letter, so why not then?

His linguistic handicap is only present when interacting with normal humans from the casual world.

But when online or while studying a certain topic or when talking or typing to himself, his handicap weakens or vanishes like it was never there in the first place.

He is also a failure in most that he do. He learned to go on with that.

He still lives by his parents side and not on his own.

His upcoming challenges would be to figure out where and how to live by himself, if a job is ever required for that, if he really should be around people, whether the concepts of evolution or creation or any are to be trusted.

He is close to his third decade and he is lazy as well.

So: failure + loneliness + fear + laziness + handicap + dependence + sickness + weakness + broke + deception + (possibely other)

And adding depression and not very attractive to the equation of his character, it's now clear that he's carrying a great burden that he himself doesn't even know where he got from.

Would anyone else dare to be this person?


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Interesting title, what's the light novel about?

I guess it's about a me and the immeasurable miserable boring everyday life, what else dude?
Even if something new or interesting should happen to me life after this, I bet it would be quite unpleasing to experience then.... This usual weirdness won't let go of me :/