Entry #1

I've waited too long to make this post

2013-11-07 09:49:22 by Oh-Sama

Well, thank you so much TomFulp for changing my username I appreciate that :)
Now I can start my real contributions to this super mega-awesome community 3:)
This name has a funny background behind it and I'll try to make my animations help it as much as I can :)


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2013-11-07 10:48:36

Osama? Awesoma? Oh! Sama! Wonder what the story is...?

Looks like you've been around a while already, but here's an official welcome to the NG community! Seems like now is when everything starts. :)

Oh-Sama responds:

Yeah thank you, and you guessed right.
Oh! Sama! something kinda related to anime and stuff you really like man.
So thank you so much Bob Axell for showing interest, that counts so much for me :)