Anime Parody - Gintama Style

2013-11-12 16:36:57 by Oh-Sama

I had in mind a great anime parody for about a year. It's almost based on One Piece and Pokemon.
Of course there are other animes, games, movies, etc... sorta references.
To name few Super Mario BROS, Detective Conan, and Naruto. But the whole thing is basically based on those two.

I thought I was going to animate this series last spring/summer.
I have written the script for more than 6 episodes. I have posted for a collab too, because back then I didn't have all the techniques I have needed to realize it. Yet, it haven't got enough audience and I have dropped out the intro I have been making for it.

I still have the will to make this project.
I believe I should set free the fun that resides only in my mind, and share it with all of you guys, who want to hear my stories.
I no more need animators to assist me. I'll only need voice actors for this because there's too much talking...

BTW I was building up my skills in animation/coding but still my drawings are matter of pure chances.
Anyway I hope someone at least enjoy this boring read. I don't even know why I'm typing this but...
Whatever :D

The main character of the series will be Brook :D

Anime Parody - Gintama Style


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2013-11-12 17:00:16


yes plz

Oh-Sama responds:

Yes, I'll give it a try on my free time but now I have an animation collab running.
You can join if you want. Just head over this link