Adventure Time Art Gallery

2014-02-14 02:08:42 by Oh-Sama


Check out this funny Collab organized by Mabelma and released yesterday by VaguelyWonderful

There are so many cool entries & seven easy to get medals. Don't forget to leave a comment and to rate the submission, your support is welcomed :)


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2014-02-14 08:07:43

Already saw it, you guys did awesome!

Oh-Sama responds:

Thank you mr DJsoul88 I wish you had joined that Collab, btw how's your work going on my Happy Collab :)


2014-02-14 18:55:38

What a great collab, but how come there was no One piece Adventure Time mash up? Luffy was Jake and Zoro could be Finn... other than that perfect.

Oh-Sama responds:

Well I had already thought of making a One Piece parody with Chopper as Jake and Hiluluk as Finn. But I got distracted :/
Thanks for stopping by btw :)


2014-02-17 04:52:59

You did a fine job melting Finn and Jake together with those pocket monster characters!

(Updated ) Oh-Sama responds:

Thank you so much uncle VicariousE :)
BTW (if you don't mind of course) is Edward what that E (in your username) stands for??


2014-02-18 04:21:52

No... it's from a line dialog, in a movie called 'Fandango'. "Vicarious entertainment, courtesy of Bill Hicks!"... a bunch of drunk friends watching their buddy go up in a plane, to go skydiving. Only he grabbed the wrong chute. Ah, this took forever to find

Oh-Sama responds:

Good to know uncle Entertainment :P
Do you recommend watching this movie on my free time??


2014-02-18 06:20:39

Definitely, it's a fun flick!

Oh-Sama responds:

OK then, surely will give this a shot for Edward purposes :P