The NGFWC Collab

2014-03-25 11:27:24 by Oh-Sama

This Collab Idea is still in the making so...

I just wanted to get you informed guys

Once in four years, the world holds one of the most wanted competetions, The FIFA World Cup! However this year is special, because the competetion will take place here in NG :D

Introducing: The NG FIFA World Cup Collab

Basic Rules:

  1. The basic idea is that we form a team of 11 animators and we animate a soccer match (surely few minutes of it)
  2. Each animator will take the position of 1 player in a soccer field
  3. He has to animate a small part where he will recieve the ball, run a little through the filed, and then shoot it or pass it to the next player/animator. Recieving and passing the ball will be the transitions from an animation style to different one
  4. Animations will be filtered so that the best 11 ones are going to be used in the main section. This should be probably organized by a small gadget, I'm still thinking. The rest of animations will have an extra section, we can call it "Training"
  5. Before starting we should design an opponnent team, a T-Shirt, a stadium and a Ball

Extra stuff:

  1. We can have our own NG anthem song (CyberDevil I guess you could do this one)
  2. The final product could be a music video or a narrated flash movie, having two voice actors to comment on the match like in the real show
  3. We can have a small mini game
  4. Female players are welcomed too :3
  5. We could have some famous villains as opponents >:3

Any helpful suggestions are appreciated :)

Planned release date: 12 June – 13 July

Starting time: Could take more or less time so wait for my whistle XD



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2014-03-25 12:46:11

sounds interesting...
I need to get my tablet problem fixed first though.
I'll inform you later...

Oh-Sama responds:

Thank you, it will be great having your skills in this Collab :D


2014-03-25 13:15:18

Woo, the anthem! That'd be an honor... if I can muster up some mediocre masterpiece that'll qualify. Are you thinking melody only or lyrics as well?

(Updated ) Oh-Sama responds:

I meant with lyrics, I guess you could write one and maybe sing it or have other people make the song... I don't know, this Collab is open to mostly anyone to join. I'll try to make a small Flash Template soon, so everyone gets a clear image of the whole idea :D
Thanks for responding btw :3


2014-03-25 13:36:33

Ah, that I can definitely do. Writing's my forte. Just let me know when it's time to start thinking about it, I'm going to delve into some other projects in the meantime. No problem, these collabs/posts/comments are always a lotta fun. :)

Oh-Sama responds:

OK, deal!! We need you to do your Collab-Homework properly first so you can pass the final exam here :)


2014-03-25 15:04:09

Sounds fun, here's a idea I had for a kit:

Oh-Sama responds:

Yes we may use this one but...
Oh come on VaguelyWonderful, this is a very basic idea we need more creativity for this Collab XD
I'm not in a hurry, we still have plenty of time :)


2014-03-25 15:06:04

Also I'd be up for helping with the menu and such if you want :)

Oh-Sama responds:

Of course, I should always have your creative ideas for the menu design, your helped me with the Oldies Collab but preferably you do something for the animations. We can have yours as Easter Eggs if they don't meet the quality requirements but you can still try your best :)


2014-03-25 17:27:20

This sounds like a badass project, kind of makes me jelly that I'm not an animator. ;)

I'm looking foward to see what comes out of this when its done.

Oh-Sama responds:

You may still join, if you can make an anthem song :)
We need some lyrics (@CyberDevil could write some) and an orchestral theme perhaps :)
Or you can try your best at animation and maybe there's a sleepy talent within you... who knows??


2014-03-25 18:39:25

This sounds complicated but would be really awesome if we could pull it off!

(Updated ) Oh-Sama responds:

Wow, you mean you will join?? Then welcome :)
Yes complication is what makes it awesome, and what a great pleasure would be if we can finish it on time... I wish I had announced this earlier but I wasn't quite sure back then >:3


2014-03-25 19:16:42

Whoo, I'm thinking Shaolin Soccer! Sounds cool, feel free to contact me.

Oh-Sama responds:

Haha great... I did know Shaolin Soccer :D
Sure thing, I'll notify you once everything starts :D


2014-03-25 20:03:58

I thought that said NG NSFW collab.


2014-03-25 20:47:24

Taking into consideration my only submission on NG so far, I'm thinking about joining this collab. Hm, let me see... :~

Oh-Sama responds:

I'm watching your submission right now, you should join if you have time your art style is great :)


2014-03-25 23:31:56

Was this one not the NG theme song @Cyberdevil ?

What about... in case that you get way more than just 11 participants, to get the ones that don't get in the main team, to be in the opponents team instead of just appearing in an extra section? you could put them with the famous villains.

(Updated ) Oh-Sama responds:

Wow, I never listened to this loop before, is it really an NG theme?? The beat is great... just wow!!
I guess we should use this for the main menu theme XD
Thank you DoomRoar for helping but I wish we can have a song with lyrics, something unique and new that goes like:
I love you...
You love me...
We're a Happy Family XD
Just kidding...

Of course a soccer team has more than 11 players (these are the main ones) and other players in case they need any replacement during the match. There are more players which they don't participate usually (lack of experience)

No... I have thought of going this way but... How do we choose "the ones that don't get in the main team"?? I guess it's after they would have animated their parts :S Then they should have animated other villains before they turn into ones themselves XD
Please correct me if I am wrong :)


2014-03-26 00:29:03

I'm on it! :DD

Oh-Sama responds:

Thank you but don't start yet, you can check references for the moment like


2014-03-26 05:05:19

Haha yeah @Doomroar that's the classic! The one that started it all! :D The blueprint for the future! The themesong of all themesongs! The endless eternal loop that plays in the cycles of our lives!

Oh-Sama responds:

Beat me... I'm late :(


2014-03-26 05:40:35

@Cyberdevil I know!!!


2014-03-26 08:22:52

@Doomroar Alright!!! :D


2014-03-26 08:24:27

Well it's not a really a 'theme', but it was the loop that used to play on the frontpage back in the day, and was later used for bitesize animations... through the years it's been used in an incredible amount of animations and received somewhat of a cult status as 'the' NG audio, often used for nostalgic or NG related stuff (like level guides). Plus Tom used to be (maybe still is IDK) good friends with FDA.

Oh-Sama responds:

Thank you for the infos CyberDevil... BTW I have beaten your full-of-bugs IQ XD


2014-03-26 15:24:59

Sounds cool. I'll be watching for updates XD

Oh-Sama responds:

Great, thank you for your interest XD


2014-03-26 17:10:07

@Cyberdevil yeah, however i don't know how it will sound with lyrics on it, maybe if you can tweak it a little made an Endless Handbag Loop remix, i know there have been a few, but i can't remember one with vocals, i even remember a swell one that was mixed with some smooth jazz, man that one was good, i have to find it again.

Back at you Mr Oh, You could have them submit their parts, and the ones that are to be in the "Training" section may appear in the opponent team (which i guess it the one that loses the match), and they can get help from the famous villains of NG just to balance things out.

Oh-Sama responds:

I'll see if I can solve this into a Flash Movie/Gadget but my time is busy at the moment and in few days I'll be out of my Spring Break and I'll have UNI and exams and more headaches and my Zatoichi like animation which I'm still struggling with... Damn I'm still procrastinating :(


2014-03-26 18:16:48

With all those things and yet you decide to start a collab? XD.

Oh-Sama responds:

Yes and I should get this thing done whatever it takes... hopefully XD
UNI sucks very much here, so I don't give it much care... Luckily I study stuff related to computers like JAVA and DATABASES, so I can get through the whole thing easily with a little effort. (I wasn't the same before UNI)
Mostly whenever I go there, I skip classes and go to (the library) plug my laptop in there and have a long animation journey wishing that no one comes to bother me... AND THIS IS FOR REAL :)
But actually, I don't know what to do for the next few days... I should get things pre-prepared properly XD
I hope you had fun reading this XD


2014-03-26 22:03:46

Ever considered taking some classes not related to your curriculum? they help a lot to make University interesting. However it is extra work so there is that.


2014-03-27 04:39:57

Woo, congrats! :D

@Doomroar don't think this will be based on the FDA loop... but who knows! The musical arrangements are all up to Oh-Sama... and whomever was up for musical arrangements.


2014-03-27 19:22:47

anthem huh

Oh-Sama responds:

Yeah :D


2014-03-28 09:39:03

I'll try to make one then ;)

Oh-Sama responds:

Wow thanks but did you get the lyrics already?!!


2014-03-28 10:01:22

if you have some, send them over.

Oh-Sama responds:

I don't but CyberDevil could write some :)
I'm not in a hurry for the moment (actually I'm busy with other projects)
If you want to start now contact him but who will sing the anthem??


2014-03-28 10:34:52

It's an anthem, we all should :)

(Updated ) Oh-Sama responds:

You're joking right?!! I can't help with this XD


2014-03-28 19:25:09

@Cyberdevil Seems like it is going to be a mystery for me until the very day it is released.


2014-03-29 06:15:05

Oh, lyrics before music? I was thinking I'd write lyrics to the music, but if they're needed now just let me know!

@Doomroar word.


2014-04-11 19:56:03

Where do I sign up?!.

Oh-Sama responds:

Not now, I will notify you when the Collab starts :)
I do have life :(


2014-04-12 15:00:33

/loadvoice Pedro.vox

load OK
"OH NO!!!"

Oh-Sama responds:

You didn't have to comment :(
By only looking at your profile icon, I get the same weird feeling XD
Ha! But please sir, keep that godamn icon... I love it. It's crazy each time I look onto that face <3
Instead you can change that fucking slowpuuuuke... I hate it so much >:(