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User Activity Updates Late 2014

2014-12-28 13:09:19 by Oh-Sama

I no longer spend most of my time here on the website like usual even when my online status indicates so :(
I do not animate too often as well but I create some drafts whenever I find an opportunity.

Hopefully this year would be my last in College, if it's a success. Otherwise I have to take the 2nd summer exams which align themselves ironically with the calendar (make your guesses I can't tell you why) :(
I'm done with both the student and shitizen life too. I can't take this shit any longer, it's killing my creative skills day after another. Sadly I have to wait!

I have an annual project this year too. I have to create an application that schedules working sessions for teachers. It's not really a big project if we think of it. I got its basic idea in mind but still none yet on how to start working because I've dedicated 2014 to Flash animation and the best part for procrastination. My old programming knowledge is washed out :/

During my YouTube dedicated procrastination (cauz I've got many procrastination genres), I stumbled upon some good tutorials. I'm following some of them for the moment.

2014 wasn't a total fail as well, here's why:

  • We made some good collabs here on NG
  • I met (virtually and anonymously) great talents and learned about different cultures and mentalities.
  • I didn't fail the year at college even though I played my 2nd chance
  • I got to watch some old animes and movies that I missed
  • I improved my art & animation to a good level
  • I got a basic idea of musical production and practiced for a good while
  • I'm still among the living :D

My life is still a big mess. I really do not know what to do for the moment, better get stuff quickly organized!

Oh btw, stay tuned for this year's Sketch Collab, it should come out soon :D

I would like to thank everyone for their moral support during last year. It really helped me in some ways and I enjoyed talking and listening to all of you guys :)

I also wish you a creative happy new year and I'm sorry if this was a boring read. I can't help it ;^D


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2014-12-28 14:02:54

Glad to hear you're still among the living! ;) I found that Sketch collab too late, it's the kind of collab I'd have liked to join... but ah well, there'll be other opportunities! Also missed that Gap Leaper one... btw, any plans to be in/are you in the Voices of NG collab? http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1377563

Seems like one of the few that don't require much to be accepted, though coming up with something to say was... IMPOSSIBLE. I wrote a verse instead. Hope it's accepted.

Good luck with your studies; future; sorting things out! If I'm to offer any advice, it'd be: don't get stuck on organizing, it's a vicious cycle. Overall just don't get stuck in routines or habits. Or well, some routines are good, but... well, actually, better I don't leave any advice after all, it'd just be one contrast after the other. Some random motivation instead: you gan do it! Go for it! Cuase your dreams! You never fail until you stop trying! When life is as shitty as it'll ever get it can only get better!

Oh-Sama responds:

Hopefully next year my friend, TheMAM usually calls for this collaboration during summer.
I guess you have to contact him a little early so that you can have a part in the next one :)

No, I'm sorry I can't do this for the moment, I have no quality mic and my voice sounds bad and I have a bad accent too :(

I'll never stop trying before the final shutdown XD
Thank you, I'm making my wayz through the stormz XD


2014-12-28 14:34:57

Do you keep making these amazing drawings/animations using a mouse? -_-

I hope to see you around next year. My first year here on Newgrounds was pretty cool and I should thank you for your support. It was important to me. heh

Best wishes, buddy.

Oh-Sama responds:

Yes I do :)

I'm not giving up on this site, it's just that I can't log into my account as much as I did in the past...
No problemo amigo, glad I was of some help :)

Thank you man :D


2015-02-25 05:18:30

thx 4 frind me have g00d day

(Updated ) Oh-Sama responds:

Ha! you too! But please don't expect much interaction from me my new friend, I'm a silent and busy being for the moment :)


2015-03-15 23:05:28